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Wedgie Go – is an exciting Running game. A fun free funny running multiplayer game for Mobile. You’ve just purchased some new underwear to go running in! It’s a beautiful day and you decide to go for an adventure run outside, only to find out your underwear keeps giving you a wedgie.Oh no! This game is an endless runner with a funny twist.

You’ll have to run, dash, jump and dodge to avoid obstacles as you journey through a variety of beautifully designed worlds, collecting coins as you go. Every time you jump, those pesky underpants get stuck in your butt and give you a wedgie! When you have a wedgie, you won’t be able to jump over obstacles until you pull the underpants out of your butt.

Do this as quickly as possible to avoid hitting any obstacles in your way – nobody wants to hit a fence with a wedgie, do they?  A better quality underwear will take less swipes to remove from your butt, allowing you to fix the wedgie faster so try purchasing one with your coins.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Freemium Download

This Game is 100% free, NO future payments are required to play this game.

Amazing App Features

100% Free Download

Creative Appearance

This game showcases attention grabbing and beautiful visuals to detailed graphics.

Amazing App Features

Excellent Graphics

In App Purchases

We offer two special underwears which you can choose amongst.

Amazing App Features

In App Purchases

Facebook Integration

You can share this game on Facebook anytime and get five extra points.

Amazing App Features

Easy Social Sharing


A beautifully designed Scoreboard so you can compete with your friends and family.

Amazing App Features

Compare your Scores and share them with others on Facebook.


This app is independent of the platform and is operable across all iOS or Android devices.

Amazing App Features

User Friendly

Why You Should Get This Game

Gain Coins to Survive

Collect coins throughout the game. The controls are simple, just swipe left and right to change lanes, swipe up to jump and swipe down to fix the wedgie. As you collect more coins, you can purchase better quality underwear which you take less swipes to remove from your butt. Allowing you to fix the wedgie faster and run longer distances on your running adventure so play and strive hard to collect coins!

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What’s New In Version 1.8

We are working each day on our updates. These updates help the game to become better with the passing days. So checkout for the cool updates!

  • Two type of new obstacles
  • Online leader board with global ranking of players.
  • Buy Coins
  • User can save/edit their Nickname in the game
  • Environment Related update.
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Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at beautiful eye candy.

Multiplayer Is Out!

Now two or more players can play in the same game at the same time, head-to-head competitively. For playing multiplayer, the players have to collect a number of coins. These coins will increase your chance of leading on the scoreboard so strive hard to get the highest score in your league. Now get ready for more excitement in running with your Wedgies. The multiplayer is out! BE PREPARED, collect a lot of coins for it and trust me you will enjoy it!!

Have Fun!

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4.5+ Ratings 95%
Positive User Comments 80%
App Design 97%
Downloads 85%

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